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Although small, Greytown has some great things to offer:

  • Restaurants and take-away's: Wimpy, Steers, KFC, Debonairs and a few others.

  • Coffee shops: Tranquili-tea nursery and tea garden, and Taylor's. 

  • Greytown Country Club and golf course: for those who enjoy a game of golf or a walk on the course, a round of squash or some grub to eat.  

  • Merthley Lake: Take a relaxing picnic, do some fishing or go on a walk/jog.

  • Greytown Museum: conveniently situated right next door to yours truly

  • Greytown Battlefield Route: historical landmark.

  • Weenen Game Reserve: A great day outing to see wildlife and have a picnic, about an hours drive from Greytown. 

  • Midlands Meander: a fun trip to see many different shops and small businesses along the route, about an hour's drive from Greytown.

  • Grocery shopping: Aheers supermarket is our local go-to. 

Poppy Field
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